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Due to the vast difference in size, type of buildings, landscaping requirements and general maintenance requirements, a custom program is designed for each association after consultation with the Board, however the following provides a brief outline of some of the services we perform:

Outside Services

1. Procuring and contracting for outside services as necessary
2. Assist or prepare specifications required
3. Supervise to assure contract fulfillment

Supplies and Equipment

4. Purchase of necessary supplies and equipment with proper purchase order system, expenditure approvals and controls and inventory controls

Maintenance Scheduling

5. Set up schedules and procedures for cleaning/housekeeping; mechanical equipment; plumbing, electrical and other building systems, amenities care and repair
6. Set up parts inventory and control

Landscaping Schedule

7. Follow contracting for outside services
8. Set up additional services as needed for sprinkler systems, incidental planting, cutting, etc.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

9. Review equipment
10. Maintain operational records and manuals
11. Maintain spare inventory for critical equipment and hard to get parts


12. Hire, train, supervise and discharge association staff as desired by Board


13. Monthly (minimum) inspection of association property with report to Board

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