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Declaration and Bylaws

1. Review regularly for possible recommendations for updating
2. Review to ensure procedural compliance of Declaration, Bylaws and rules
3. Annual Meeting preparation (see below)
4. Board Meeting preparation (see below)

Staff Maintenance

5. Maintain staff during normal business hours

Owners Assistance

6. Receive Owners’ telephone calls, correspondence about problems contained in Declaration, Bylaws and rules.
7. Assist Owners with explanation of policies and procedures contained in Declaration, Bylaws and rules.

Emergency Service

8. 24 hour emergency telephone number and response
9. Management level response to emergencies, if necessary
10. Provide emergency telephone list of Management personnel to Board

Life Support Systems

11. Review fire and disaster systems
12. Prepare evacuation procedures for building and property
13. Coordinate life support system with appropriate agency
14. Maintain cooperation with safety forces (police, fire, rescue)
15. Timely inspection of life-safety equipment


16. Provide current information on coverage Association is required to carry, (i.e., Directors’ and Officers’)
17. Provide annual review of coverage and costs
18. obtain competitive bids
19. Provide information for handling claims


20. Recommendations to Board on advisability of information of Committees and areas of responsibility
21. Work with Committees during normal working hours per Management contract and at Board’s direction


22. Cooperate with Association legal counsel as directed by the Board
23. Convey knowledge of fiduciary and legal responsibilities to Association as professional managers
24. Assist in preparation, passage and filing of amendments to documents
25. Distribution of amendments to documents

Association Meetings

26. Prepare and post notifications per Florida State Statutes
27. Prepare agenda
28. Prepare proxies and ballots
29. Assist in conducting meeting and elections
30. Maintenance of Minutes of Meetings
31. Provide Management report
32. Attend meeting

Board Meetings

33. Attend monthly Board meetings
34. Prepare and post notifications per Florida State Statutes
35. Prepare agenda
36. Maintenance of Minutes of Meetings
37. Provide Management report
38. Professional guidance and recommendations as required by Board

Maintenance of Association Documents

Advantage Property Management, LLC will preserve the following in a protected environment, post changes and add Amendments to keep records updated and available for Board and Owner review; maintain an archive of records for the Association for the period prescribed by the Board and appropriate agencies:

39. Declaration as amended
40. Bylaws as amended
41. Articles of Incorporation as amended
42. Rules and Regulations as amended
43. Plans, drawings and blueprints
44. Contracts
45. Roster of ownership
46. Election results

  • Proxies
  • Ballots
  • Inspector of Elections receipt
  • Proof of Notice

47. Miscellaneous documents as deemed appropriate by Management and Board
48. Daily courier service provided if needed.

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